Each web-building platform has advantages and features that provide the ideal
functionality you need. We can train you to add and revise your own content.


SquareSpace is a popular content management system for emerging artists, advocacy groups and businesses. Since its launch in 2004 it has received several awards for its innovations, bold design and ease of use. With its sleek design templates, SquareSpace sites are easy for visitors to navigate and have a “wow” visual impact. SquareSpace also offers fast, free, and user-friendly tech support, which means lower maintenance costs for you. If your business or group is just getting off the ground, or if you’re looking to scale back to something simpler, then SquareSpace may be the platform for you. Read more.


For advanced sites, sites requiring a lot of pages, or simple sites in need of custom functionality, Joomla! remains an excellent choice. It is an extremely versatile Open Source CMS, offering a wide array of custom functionality and features -- including blogs, active communities and forums, multilingual capability, custom forms, search engine optimization, a simplified admin area and much more. Our designers use visually rich templates for your branding and special needs. Joomla! is a superb solution for more advanced websites supporting a wide range of powerful features at an affordable price. Read more.


WordPress’ strengths lie partly in its popularity - it’s estimated that the platform powers almost a quarter of all sites on the web! Plus, its blogging features are outstanding. Currently, it offers over 2,600 themes and 31,000 free plugins, giving you countless options for how your site will look and function. WordPress is also particularly good at search engine optimization (SEO). With WordPress you can ensure that, with good SEO meta tags in place, your site will be close to the top of any Google search. Read more.

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