Who We Are

WebTrax Studio is a network of communications professionals who collaborate on various projects and who share client referrals. In 2002, after a long career as a graphic artist and illustrator, Estelle Carol co-founded WebTrax Studio in 1998 with Bob Simpson and Steve Richter. Over the years, communications professionals and small companies have joined the WebTrax network, offering a range of communication and marketing services. Together, we are able to offer you a full service, one-stop shop.

Our Mission - Support People and Planet

WebTrax Studio is committed to bringing positive change to our communities and to our planet. We are generous with our support for social change and arts groups. We train young media workers who are eager to expand their portfolios by working on low budget and pro-bono jobs.

Our Approach

Like a symphony, where all instruments work in harmony to produce something greater than the sum of its parts, WebTrax Studio views its variety of services as core concepts to a successful project. Website design, internet marketing, and print marketing serve as core pieces of a well-designed marketing and messaging campaign.

We will assess your goals and how to reach them by asking pertinent questions:

  • What’s been successful? What hasn’t?
  • How do you view your current needs?
  • Where do you want to go in the future? How do you plan on getting there?
  • Where does your audience spend their time (events, social media)?

Our questions will help you clarify your thinking about your organization or business. From there, we can analyze, evaluate, and propose how to to move forward. This is where our relationship develops from “your” goal to “our” mission.

We Integrate Your Marketing Plan Into Our Work

WebTrax Studio understands that you may only be interested in a single service, such as a new website. We will ensure that our work is integrated with your existing marketing plan to put forth exactly what you need. As a courtesy, WebTrax Studio will offer insights and suggestions on your marketing efforts. Think of WebTrax as your project collaborator. We want you and your marketing efforts to succeed.

Think we would be a good fit for your project? Take a look around at our servicescase studies, or contact us today for a free consultation!