Sharon Stade

At Webtrax, Sharon does most of the Joomla production and client training. Sharon embraced web design more than a dozen years ago when she found it let her combine her technical aptitude and visual skills with a gift for structuring complex and varied content. Sharon designed and hand-coded her first project, an eco-educational website. Thereafter, she coded many more webpages and several websites for financial and academic employers, a non-profit, and a small business client. For the past decade, Sharon has built and managed websites in the open source CMS platforms: Wordpress and Joomla.  Sharon especially enjoys collaborating with clients to build the bridges that connect the designer’s visual concept, the template developer’s code, and the client’s content plan. Sharon loves drawing, painting, digital photography, video editing and video live streaming.

Cassandra West

Cassandra works with WebTrax as a social media consultant. She loves nature and architectural photography, biking, growing vegetables, visiting out-of-the-way museums and making short videos. She’s on the One Earth Film Festival's marketing team and Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry board. Cassandra has been an editor/writer for the Kansas City Star, Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. In 2007, she turned her focus to digital media, drawing on her extensive interviewing and reporting experiences to craft creative content marketing strategies for nonprofits and small businesses. She jumps at the chance to help clients optimize their LinkedIn profiles, step up their social media game and develop successful paid search advertising campaigns.

Bob Simpson

Along with Estelle Carol, Bob founded WebTrax Studio, which was originally named Carol Simpson Productions. He is an activist and blogger for many causes, including economic justice, gender equality, unions, peace and environmental justice. He is a former high school history teacher. Bob has a new career as a photo journalist and blogger for activist causes with a focus on the Chicagoland area. He has a passion for social media and creating online communities. See his blog posts on the

Daniel Quinn


Daniel Quinn is a client and marketing communications specialist who lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs. His expertise includes website content, pitch and proposal materials, content marketing, social media marketing, white papers & articles, and content editing. His portfolio of work extends across a broad cross-section of industries, including financial services, construction, the arts, associations, and wellness & fitness.

Brittany Purlee

Brittany is a photographer whose most interesting freelance assignment thus far was to document the work of a non-profit organization that helps women leave prostitution in Beijing, China. Brittany’s passion for photography blossomed after she finished her bachelor’s degree in art at Indiana University in Bloomington. She usually shoots with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, but also enjoys experimenting with film cameras in her free time. Her portfolio of portraits, weddings, special events and more is at and

Liz Olson

Liz does translations, publication layouts, newsletters, and copyedits, and will make sure your final product is well polished and beautiful. She is currently based out of Beijing, China, working as a publications and project coordinator at an environmental protection NGO. Liz loves traveling, playing roller derby, rock drumming, and making beautiful layouts.

Isabel Lee

Isabel works primarily with content management, copy writing/editing, social media management, Squarespace site design, and graphic design. Isabel works on various platforms and manages social media for her family business and her own company. She especially loves the challenge of learning something new. She loves working on her clothing line, Wishful Thinker Clothing, and volunteering with Bring the Music Initiative, Girls Rock! Chicago, and her local food pantry.

Roger Kerson

Roger is a writer and media consultant for green businesses, labor unions, environmental groups and other non-profits. Former director of public relations at the United Auto Workers, he has prepared and conducted interviews with print, web and broadcast media from the U.S. and around the world, placed news stories, features and op-eds in major U.S. and international media, and directed multi-million dollar issue and candidate advertising campaigns.

Lisa Files


Lisa is a Squarespace website designer, builder, writer, editor, and proofreader who started out in print publications for non-profits. Selecting and cropping images to convey your message emotionally, on a gut level, is one of her greatest pleasures. Finding just the right words to showcase your enterprise is another. Her embarrassingly meticulous proofreading will polish your website to a shine. Lisa loves road trips with family or promenading the streets of Oak Park with friends.

Avery Cohen

In his free time, Avery watches his kids’ sports and theater productions, or kicks back and reads a comic book or two. He is chief executive officer for Metrist Partners, an internet marketing and technology consulting firm.  Avery works primarily with marketers, helping them understand the power of interactive online media to gain valuable insights into customer needs.  He and the staff at Metrist Partners have developed expertise in web analytics, search engine optimization, marketing automation, search advertising, email marketing, test design and social media. Avery is happiest when diving deep into analytics and finding "hidden treasure" for you.

Alex Billet

Alex Billet is a data and content manager. His strengths lie in his attention to detail and written communication skills, both of which are greatly valued at WebTrax. He tends to be happiest with his work when the parameters are crystal clear, and enjoys asking questions toward that end, which means a stronger and more impactful result for the client. When not busy at WebTrax he's engaged in various kinds of solidarity activism, and researching and writing about music, theater and literature. He is also a founding editor at an online arts and culture magazine.

Estelle Carol

Estelle is the senior designer and lead project manager for WebTrax Studio and is happiest when designing or illustrating for a client whose work supports working families, communities and our planet. She studied art at University of Chicago and graphic design at University of Illinois at Chicago before founding Carol Simpson Productions in 1991 with her partner, Bob Simpson. What started out as a graphic design and illustration studio evolved, keeping pace with digital media, to become WebTrax Studio in 1998. Estelle designs websites for three platforms: Joomla, WordPress, and Squarespace. When she is not at her desk, she’s in her urban vegetable garden or kitchen, preparing soups with homegrown squash, kale, and pumpkin.