WebTrax offers an impressive array of web-based and marketing services

Wanting to provide small businesses and non-profits with effective, affordable and socially responsible web-based and marketing services, Estelle Carol and Bob Simpson founded WebTrax Studio in Oak Park, Ill. in 2002.

Since then, Webtrax has worked with businesses and organizations all over the United States. While we cater to the small business and nonprofit sector, we create on a big canvas. We are sized right for your needs.

Our expertise and experience in so many fields are what enables us to help you grow your organization or business — whether you’re solely online or have a brick-and-mortar operation. From designing promotional materials and building an easy-to-use website to writing content that truly engages your clients, WebTrax delivers affordable pricing and a personal touch that the giant corporate marketing firms can’t offer. We get to know you and understand what you do. That makes the difference. That’s the advantage you gain by working with us.

Here’s what we do:

  • We build websites that are attractive, easy to use and are responsive. That means your site visitors can access your site easily from a computer, tablet or smartphone. A potential customer or supporter who visits a website built by us will be drawn in and remember it.

  • We design printed materials that promote your products, services or causes effectively. We’ve helped hundreds of clients get their messages out through  postcards, brochures, books, magazines, fliers, posters and direct mail pieces. Our award-winning graphic artist oversees all design projects.

  • We devise strategies for branding and logos. What are your organization’s strengths? Who is your target audience? What can be done graphically and through language to reach them better? WebTrax will work closely with you to answer these questions and implement solutions.

  • We offer professional writing and editing services for your website, promotions, proposals and product descriptions. Words matter, and our copywriters know this. They are world-class wordsmiths, and they can craft engaging copy that gets your audience’s attention.

  • We are experts in online marketing. We can teach you how to bring more visitors to your website and turn them into repeat visitors, how to put together mailing lists, plan and run effective email campaigns, and how to use social media to your organization’s advantage.

  • We can provide effective visual communication for your business in a variety of media. Our team of experienced photographers, videographers and illustrators have years’ of know-how and expertise and have worked with every kind of business. Whatever your needs, our team can get it done.

Curious about how WebTrax can help you and your project? Contact us today!